About Us

How We Started

Adi Forum

The ADI Forum was founded in 2003 by Colin Scott and was the first online forum of its kind dedicated to providing PDI’s, ADI’s & Learner drivers with better support, information and training resources.

Before the development of the forum, ADI’s often worked in isolation with a small minority attending association meetings or conferences. Although the larger trade organisations had reasonably large memberships contact was normally made through their monthly publications and therefore lacked a daily shared interactivity that we now know an online forum can bring. The ADI Forum was therefore initially set up to provide PDI’s and ADI’s with an environment to share ideas, support each other and share experiences.  By 2010 the ADI Forum had over 10,000 registered members and boasted over 250,000 posts by 2011. The forum is free to use with no limitations on use.

Our Team

Adi Forum

Since the launch of the forum our team has continued to grow and grow and today, the forum is managed and supported by a large dedicated team of industry professionals bringing with them a wealth of experience. Collectively the team has amassed over 200 years of expertise relevant to the driver training world.

Our experience is drawn from key areas such as the training of new drivers and instructors, fleet driver training, driver and business coaching, NLP, business and marketing development, web design and social media, to name a few. Although our experience is diverse the team is united in its goals to offer support and to create a platform which promotes the development of a lively driving community

Our Mission

Adi Forum

Our aims are to offer better quality information out there to a wider but targeted audience, this was a key early driver when the forum was launched and remains at the centre point of what we do. We are committed to developing an environment that encourages its members to develop their individual training and businesses whilst being part of a larger community and passionate about offering a specialised support service that is accessible and responds quickly to the needs of its valued members.

10 Years On – The Relaunch

Adi Forum

The ADI Forum has reached its 10th anniversary and we have decided to celebrate with a complete re-launch. We want to make things even better for our members.

New key features

  • Better PDI Support, We have developed a new PDI question and answer service enabling PDI’s to ask individual questions and receive a personal and timely response from a qualified ADI.
  • NEW!! Advertise your service or product in the ADI FORUM MAGAZINEContact admin for details of pricing, options and publishing dates
  • Mobile friendly, Our new mobile friendly website means that it’s even easier for you to access support and stay in touch wherever you are.
  • Community Spirit, We continue to focus on developing a busy driving community and have designed and developed a new forum platform .
  • Events and Courses, Our comprehensive events and courses section enables you to keep in touch with what is going on in the driving world.