A thought is never fully formed until it has been discussed and debated

Self Development

Article written by Chris Hogan

A thought is never fully formed until it has been discussed and debated

Or something like that.

A quote that I can remember using in a post many years ago, when trying to describe the effect that the forum had on both my career and my life.  I can’t remember who said it, maybe Einstein or Edison, Marx or Twain, Eric Cantona even, but it captures precisely the true spirit of ADI Forum, both in those long ago days when I first used the quote, and just as importantly, moving forward toward the exciting times ahead.

By definition a forum is a place where a number of people gather to chew the cud, regardless of the subject, the physical dimensions, or the distances involved, the thing that makes it a forum is the numbers involved in debate.

Conversely though despite the obvious benefits that a forum brings to the whole, the spirit of ADIForum has always been about ‘self’.
•    Self Development
•    Self Analysis
•    Self Awareness

There is a generally accepted principle regarding forums, based around the theory that a number of individuals giving freely to their own little forum community, will strengthen the community, and the forum becomes the sum of its parts.  However it’s certainly not just a ‘one way’ thing, each contributing member has benefited from their time here.

I don’t think it’s a phenomenon that’s exclusive to ADIForum, but I do feel that the profession we are part of, acts as a sort of catalyst to it.