A thought is never fully formed until it has been discussed and debated

When I trained to become an ADI, around the back end of the last century, I studied good and I studied hard, I learned ROMPS, Core Competencies and Levels of Instruction, and I used MSPSL, POM and LADA.

Off I went for my part 3 test (second attempt) and I absolutely stormed it, passed with flying colours, and came out of it with a score of 5/6 and an ego the size of Wembley Stadium.  You see it wasn’t just the score that made me feel so invincible, it was the way the whole test went.

It was truly easy, the SE gave me issues to deal with that gave me the opportunity to demonstrate how well I could deal with them.  I responded with the expected techniques, I mostly gained expected outcomes and improvements from the SE, and the whole thing was quite a jolly.

I was unleashed on an unsuspecting public with my shiny new green badge, a shiny new Clio, and an ego capable of blotting out the Sun.

During my first 6 months or so I came across a couple of those pupils that require a slightly different approach to overcome some basic issues, however I was working long long hours, most of my pupils were doing fine, and even if my ego would have allowed me to look at my own performance, I was probably too busy at the time.

I plodded on for a while, and like many newly qualified ADI’s I was protected by a comforting blanket of blissful ignorance, after all I knew I was good at the job, I nearly got a perfect score on my Part 3, and most of my pupils were doing really well.

Then I stumbled across ADI Forum.