Best value Intensive Driving Course in Atherstone

How to save money when choosing your intensive driving course in Atherstone?

Intensive driving course Atherstone

What questions should learner drivers be asking themselves before purchasing an intensive driving course in Atherstone?

How quickly do you need to learn to drive?

Paying for an intensive driving course in Atherstone with a theory test or practical driving test included is going to cost you serious money! If what you are looking for is a 7 day course + driving test you could easily be paying up to twice the cost of a course which is for training time only. As long as you have passed your theory test you can search for suitable practical driving test dates yourself – find one that works for you, then get in touch with the driving school. For a small amount of effort you have probably just saved hundreds of pounds!

best crash driving course in atherstone

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How can I find an earlier practical driving test date without paying a massive premium?

First of all don’t be put off if you can’t find an early test date. You’ll probably find when you login to the government website that the latest dates being offered are several months further into the year than you would like! You could book the test so atleast you are on the system, then search for cancellation dates every hour or so during the day. You might hit luck straight away and find a cancellation test date appears around the time you wanted – simply move the dates. In reality, it might take you a few days of persistently searching before you find the date you want. From our experience you almost certainly will find an earlier date.

If, after a number of days you haven’t found a date then why not try one of the many apps available which will take the effort out of searching and increase the likelihood of locating a driving test date. You might well find, the app your using, costing between £12 and £20 is the same one the company advertising intensive driving courses in Atherstone is using and charging you a significant premium.

Should it be the case you absolutely must take an intensive driving course in Atherstone which includes a driving test in the fee then be prepared to pay higher prices for the privilege and service.

Do crash driving courses suit everybody? Certainly not but the vast majority of drivers are likely to benefit from the frequency of lessons and the cheaper course prices that can be found.

A well structured course can be incredibly effective. The best value can be gained by making sure there are adequate gaps between training sessions, particularly if more than one module is taken in a day. We would advise against driving for longer than three hours between each session and even then make sure you have frequent short breaks. Staying hydrated is an important factor for driving and we would suggest having some water with you to take, when stationary.

Not every driving instructor is familiar with teaching these types of courses on a regular basis. Although all ADI’s should be capable of delivering a crash driving course we strongly recommend using a trainer who regularly instructs in this format.