Introducing Bzappy, the new online advertising service

Introducing Bzappy, the new online advertising service

31,000. That’s the number of Google searches for “driving lessons” last month in the UK. That’s just one phrase, just on Google, just one month.

I think the internet offers a huge opportunity for driving instructors, so I built Bzappy. How does Bzappy help you take advantage of this huge source of potential customers?

Let’s examine the search for “driving lessons”. When I searched, I saw 28 links. Three national franchises, twelve regional franchises and a few other links. Studies have shown that 70%+ of people don’t go past the first page and this is all they’d see before making a decision.

According to the DVLA, there are 207 ADIs in my postcode area. As a potential learner, I’d never know they existed.

I’ve seen individual instructors’ sites that are very compelling. But these sites just don’t appear much in the search results that potential customers see. I didn’t see any on the first three pages of my search.

There are two ways to get a website to appear on the front page. The first is the free or “organic” results…these are the results that appear based on the search engine’s algorithms. The other type is the paid advertising links. Of the 28 links I mentioned, 10 are paid, including the first three. “Driving lessons” is very competitive keyword and Google can earn £1 or more for each click on a paid link.

There are ways to optimize a website to achieve better rankings. Indeed, this “search engine optimization” or “SEO” is an important part of operating a website. But the reality is that for the popular keywords, it’s very difficult to get a good ranking. And there are a lot of different keywords.

As a business, you need a dependable source of new customers. For potential students to learn about you, I think it’s necessary to utilize online advertising and not depend on just the free rankings. Bzappy makes this possible.

Once enough instructors in an area join Bzappy, I advertise the site. With paid advertising, it will appear right next to the big franchises (they’re also using paid advertising for this). A learner can click on the Bzappy link, enter their postcode, and see your profile. Instantly, you go from being completely invisible to being seen by the majority of learners searching in your area.

Once a potential student has a shortlist of instructors choose from, how will they decide?

Driving instruction isn’t a commodity…it’s a skill for life and the right instructor makes a huge difference to the learning experience. But all you see is prices and offers on most sites. Only the smaller franchises even show names or photos.

People can only make a decision based on what they know. If all they have is prices, they’ll pick the cheapest. I think everyone wins when learners are able to choose their instructor on more than just price.

That’s why Bzappy profiles have plenty of space to describe yourself, upload photos and, most importantly, feature reviews from other learners.

Reviews are extremely important so I’ve put a lot of thought into how they work on Bzappy. Only your genuine students can review you and their review shows their name. This way, reviews are much more believable to new students and likely to be fair and accurate to you. You have the ability to reply and thank someone for a good review or add your side of the story if it’s not.

Bzappy is charged on a pay-per-lead basis. When a potential customer contacts you, you reply back, discuss his or her needs, arrange the first lesson, etc. If you decide you have a new student, you pay a fixed fee. Otherwise, you pay nothing. The decision whether a lead is successful or not is yours alone and there is no time limit.

There’s no set-up fee or ongoing costs or investment…just pay-as-you-go when you get new students. Because you decide if a lead is successful and start each payment, unexpected or unwanted charges are impossible.

The pay-per-lead pricing provides the revenue to advertise Bzappy which is crucial to make it all work. Unlike other advertising, it’s completely risk-free because you only pay once you get a new student.

With Bzappy, you get more than just a profile…you can get a standalone website too. If you don’t have a website yet, you’re out of excuses! Once you have a Bzappy profile, all you need to do is pick a name and you’ll have your own website. Websites are included as part of the Bzappy service at no extra charge and it’s completely hassle-free. Having your own site is great for your own advertising use while we promote you on

Finally, our app makes Bzappy fit seamlessly into your day. With the app, available for iPhone and Android, you’ll get a notification when someone contacts you. Open the app, see their details and reply back right away. If you get a new student, you can save their details as a contact or set an appointment and pay for the lead in-app using the rather futuristic PayPal technology where you can charge your credit card simply by taking a photo of it. You can also check and reply to your reviews. With the app, you’ll only need to use the website to edit your profile.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give Bzappy a try. It takes just a minute or two to sign up and I’m offering £50 credit, enough for your first 16 new students, so you won’t pay anything until you’re sure Bzappy works for you. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Eric LeVin