Steer clear of the middle lane

Whether you detest the middle lane hogger or consider yourself to be a middle lane driver and cannot see what all the fuss is about, middle lane driving or the hogging of the middle lane could soon become a very expensive drive indeed. Middle lane hoggers could face on the spot penalty fines of up to £100 and the possibility of penalty points under recent measures announced by the government and will give police the power to deal with less serious careless driving offences without having to go through a lengthy court process.

So is middle lane hogging really that bad after all, I mean people have been doing it for centuries, well at least since there were cars and motorways. Though these words could spark a backlash of fury, here goes anyway, exactly what is so bad about the middle lane hogger? According to BBC News Article 5 June 2013, Who, what, why: What’s wrong with middle-lane hogging? There are two key reasons why middle lane hogging is wrong firstly it causes congestion, simple you are stuck behind that car just trundling along in the middle lane.

Middle Lane

Secondly it’s the frustration and the tempers that can flare up when encountered with congestion or the middle lane hogger, easily leading to carelessness or recklessness on the road. Despite this compelling argument there are still those that profess to being a middle lane driver and proud of it? Telegraph Freelance writer John Wallis Simon recently announced on Telegraph Blogs, to being a ‘middle lane driver’ and also a sensible driver, driving at the speed limit and leaving plenty of space between himself and other cars.

Whether you are anti or pro middle lane driving, the message is clear, any hanging around in that middle lane could soon threaten to bring up much more heavier repercussions than a flip of the finger and harsh rebuff.

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