Welcome to ADI Forum Blog

Well here we are and after 10 years of supporting the driving community we have updated our website and so yes we are now ahem in with the times, the word on the street or dual carriageway is that ADI forum is back and even better than ever. Our new improved website features a great business directory and events and courses listings which continues to grow and grow. Our other key focus is on community spirit, we feel it is important to be connected and to stay connected to others in the driving world and so we want to try to make it even easier for our members to ‘be together’.

Celebration Candle

Alongside the new website and forum with its great new features only some of which we have chatted about, we have also decided to start blogging. Why? well because we realise that we just have to much to say and we love a good debate, rant, ponder and we need a platform to allow our ‘motor mouth’ a good run out ahem, sorry no more driving puns honest, they are not the driving force behind the blog!

This blog will bring you up to date news and lively debate about a range of subjects that are driving related. Whether it be a change in driving laws or guidelines or a good debate about driving experiences and opinions we will be touching on a range of driving subjects and observations and hope to build an interesting and varied blog for our members to enjoy.